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Ah, the wonderful world of film. For as long as I can remember, film has offered me an escape from the minutia of everyday life, and I am sure I am not alone. Every film presents to the world a new thrill, a new adventure, a new romance. When I was young, it was the thrilling chases on horseback featuring my favorite American hero John Wayne that lit my imagination on fire. As I grew older, my list of heroes grew to include the ever cynical and hilarious Woody Allen. Then it was the George Lucas’ mind-boggling sci-fi world in the Star Wars films that brought my children and me closer together as we oohed and awed over what now look like amateur-hour space explosions.

Yet beyond the world of what is captured on film is the business that empowers the creatives and dreamers to produce and distribute their masterpieces. The film industry, which has experienced its fair share of crests and troughs, has chugged through decade after decade, pushing out fresh content and bringing joy and entertainment to millions. I have always been fascinated by the wheeling and dealing, the resilience of the players, the terrible odds and huge payouts.

So bienvenue to a regular, behind-the-scenes peek into the industry that I know and love. Each week I will share my humble insights on the inner workings of this complicated business, and hopefully we can have some fun in the process. Disclaimer: I am not an experienced writer, English is not my first language, and my filters are not always fully functioning. I’ll try to stray from the “Offensive” category, but I can’t make any promises that I won’t sometimes fall into the “Provocative” category…

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