China, China, China and the Power of Money in Hollywood

If you are Chinese and in the film business and you live in Los Angeles, it should not be too hard to get any meeting you want. Hollywood is hungry for Chinese capital. The problem is a vast majority of the said Chinese Film Execs in Tinseltown have a tendency to vastly exaggerate their links to to the Chinese Government. And a few of them will even go so far as to make a deal so they can go back to China and "resell" or try to "resell" whatever rights they acquired in Hollywood. If if does not work, they will disappear to the great frustration of the US Producers/distributors who thought all was well.

In addition, the ability of the film's industry in Beijing or Shanghai to pay/wire transfer what they owe on a contract is getting slimmer and slimmer. The Chinese government has closed one eye for the past decade in billions of US Dollar equivalents leaving Mainland China to the US but the signs indicate that it might be over - at least when it comes to the Real Estate and Entertainment business transactions. We shall see but it does not look good.

To be continued..


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