Ideal for those who have already written a screenplay (Feature Film)/pilot episode (Episodic)



  • TMC will review your screenplay/pilot episode
  • TMC will suggest story modifications (if needed)
  • TMC will recommend name actors/director to attach to the project ("Wish List")
  • TMC will create worldwide distribution sales projections (incl. US) for the project with wish list (for potential investors)


After corresponding over email to ensure TMC has all necessary information to perform analysis, client will be provided with documents containing the results of our analysis. This package includes a 1-hour consultation either in-person (for those in Los Angeles area) or over Skype to review results together.

Film/TV Project Basic Distribution Analysis

  • TMC shall provide only one TV/Film Project Basic Distribution Package per purchase based on one proposed budget for the project. Any requested changes to the Wish List TMC provides, and therefore to the projections TMC has prepared, will require further billing, to be discussed with client.

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